Laughs, Food and Travel, The good things in life!

Laughs, Food and Travel, The good things in life!


My 1st blog post. Mmmm.

I have thought about writing a blog for quiet a while now but never really got around to it. I post on Facebook, upload photos on Instagram, Tweet, Snapchat, basically use every other social media tool bar the blog. Until now!

Originally from Donegal I have been living in Dublin for the past 12 years, and have LOVED every minute of it! I am happily married to my husband Dave, who if I really get into this blogging lark will probably feature quiet heavily in my posts!

Laughs- Improvised comedy is something that had been apart of my life for the past 4 years. I perform a group called Laughter Lines Dublin in a weekly show every Wednesday in Dublin.

Food- Love it. Buying, Eating, cooking, watching, talking about, finding new places, uncovering hidden gem, and posting pics!

Travel- From an early age I have loved the thrill and excitement of the airport, be it a weekend trip to the UK, or a holiday adventure with my Aunt the Air hostess, I caught the travel bug early in life and have never let it go!

I think these are the good things of life and hopefully I will get to write about them in my future blogs!

Thanks for reading,


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