Tis the season to be Jolly!

I cannot believe that this will be my fourth Christmas Show with Laughter Lines Dublin.

When I started doing improv comedy I had know idea of the placed that it would take me or the people it would bring into my life. Getting to perform to an audience (big or small) every week and making them laugh is truly a soul lifting experience. Even for us as performers, if you are having a down day you would be surprised how acting silly for an hour and half on stage can really cheer you up!

What is wonderful about our themed show and especially our Christmas show is that there are always familiar faces in the audience. People who have come to see us again and again. That is probably why improv is such fun, even though they have seem us many many times, each show is different and unique.

I always love looking down and seeing family and friends sitting among complete strangers and laughing and smiling at us on stage.

Christmas usually brings out the best in people and this is also true of comedy. Laughing and making others laugh is one of life’s great gifts and I am honored to get to do it.

So if you are in Dublin over the next few weeks and want a break from the shopping and the crowds, come and find us in the Duke on the 14th December and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of improv!


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Laughs, Food and Travel, The good things in life!

Laughs, Food and Travel, The good things in life!

My 1st blog post. Mmmm.

I have thought about writing a blog for quiet a while now but never really got around to it. I post on Facebook, upload photos on Instagram, Tweet, Snapchat, basically use every other social media tool bar the blog. Until now!

Originally from Donegal I have been living in Dublin for the past 12 years, and have LOVED every minute of it! I am happily married to my husband Dave, who if I really get into this blogging lark will probably feature quiet heavily in my posts!

Laughs- Improvised comedy is something that had been apart of my life for the past 4 years. I perform a group called Laughter Lines Dublin in a weekly show every Wednesday in Dublin.

Food- Love it. Buying, Eating, cooking, watching, talking about, finding new places, uncovering hidden gem, and posting pics!

Travel- From an early age I have loved the thrill and excitement of the airport, be it a weekend trip to the UK, or a holiday adventure with my Aunt the Air hostess, I caught the travel bug early in life and have never let it go!

I think these are the good things of life and hopefully I will get to write about them in my future blogs!

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